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Our Vision

We believe that God, who loves us with a deep and unbreakable love, has called us to ‘make disciples who make Jesus known.’ Thus our priorities are to help each other in our journeys of discipleship and help others enter that journey, so that the Kingdom

of God grows in us and through us.


We think that a great tool to help us in our shared journey of discipleship and mission is what is known as ‘The Jesus Pattern’ or the ‘Up, In, Out Triangle.’


It is a simple but powerful image which reminds us that the life of discipleship needs to be three dimensional – connecting Up with God, connecting In with each other, and connecting Out with the world.


We are convinced that all three dimensions are needed if we are to be disciples and a church who have a right balance in who we are and what we do.

A biblical base for this model is Luke 6 vv 12-19. There we read of Jesus spending time with His Father in prayer (the Up); of Him calling the disciples to Him (the In); and of Him going Out to preach and heal (the Out). If you want to find out more about this model of church life, please click on the YouTube video below.

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St John’s parish was formed in the 1850s with the church building (designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the famous Victorian architect) being dedicated in 1857, while St Luke’s church was planted by nearby Christ Church in the 1890s. The two parishes became one in 1996 and have been working together ever since whilst retaining their own distinct identities.  


Sunday Services

@ St John's

1st Sunday

10:30am - All Age Parade Service/Morning Worship with band


2nd Sunday

 10.30am - Holy Communion - organ, choir and/or band/pianist

3rd Sunday

10.30am - Morning Worship - band/pianist


4th Sunday 


10.30am - Morning Worship - organ, choir and/or band/pianist

5th Sunday

10.30am - Joint Parish Morning Worship - band/pianist

Various Sundays

At different points throughout the year we have healing services, services for the bereaved and other one-off occasions.

At these services we offer prayer ministry for those who want individual prayer for themselves or on behalf of others, and tea and coffee are always served afterwards. Groups for children and youth take place on all Sundays except the 1st one of the month, which is all age friendly.

We also have regular midweek services:

Wednesday - Holy Communion, 10.30am
This takes place every week at St John’s. There is a real family feel, with people caring for each other as well as welcoming the visitor or newcomer, often over coffee and chat at the end of the service.


Sunday Services

@ St LUKE's

1st Sunday


10:30am - Holy Communion

At this service we retell the story of the Last Supper, and there is music, prayers, readings, drama, and a talk. We always try to unpack something of what Holy Communion is, and why we share the bread and wine. We meet as all ages together, and we remember that Jesus welcomes everyone to his table.

2nd Sunday

10:30am - All Age Parade Service

At this service we meet as all ages together with music, prayers, a reading from the Bible, and a short talk. There's often an activity for the children (and adults who prefer to be doing something!), and there's always a decent cup of tea and a biscuit after the service.

3rd Sunday

10:30am - Morning Worship


4.00pm - Cafe Church


A relaxed and informal family service where we join together for about an hour for shared food, worship and activities for children. All are welcome.

4th Sunday

10:30am - All Age Morning Worship

5th Sunday

10:30am - Joint Parish Morning Worship at St John's

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are presently unable to hold children's groups during worship at St Luke's so all children are welcome to attend the service with their family.


If you want to have your child christened (also referred to as baptised) at our church or have a service of thanksgiving for them, then we would love to hear from you. Please click here for our leaflet containing all the information you will need.

Of course, it is not just babies that are baptised, there are increasing numbers of older children and adults who seek baptism. Please speak to us if this is something that interests you.

Our baptisms usually take place on the Second Sunday of the month at St John's at 12.15pm. Get in-touch to find out more about St Luke's.


If you are thinking about getting married at St John’s or St Luke's we would love to hear from you. Please click here for our wedding brochure with all the information you will need. If you have any questions please contact the church office on 01423 565129 or email church@stjohnsandstlukes.org.uk

You can find lots of very useful information from Church of England about getting married in church at the following link: 

If your wedding is taking place in another church and you need to have your banns of marriage read at St John’s or St Luke's, please either contact the church office or come along to our surgery at St John’s – every Thursday between 6.30pm and 7.15pm

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If you have suffered a bereavement and would like one of our ministers to take a funeral service for your loved one, either at church or at the crematorium, then normally all the initial arrangements are made through a funeral director who will then contact us on your behalf.

If, however, you would like advice or support from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the church office.

If you are looking to make plans for your own funeral, download this

funeral wishes booklet.


We also have a bereavement support group and hold twice-yearly services to remember and give thanks to help folk remember their loved ones.


Unfortunately St John’s churchyard has no burial spaces left, although the Garden of Remembrance is an area reserved for the burial of ashes.



St John's and St Luke's premises are available to hire, either on a one-off or regular basis for different purposes.

If you are interested in hiring St John's Church Hall, please contact David Finnegan on 07789 382593.

If you would like to hire one of the rooms within St John's or St Luke's, please contact the parish office on 01423 565129

The Green Team


Formed following the 2018 Creationtide events, the St John’s and St Luke’s Green Team are a small group who seek to do what they can to support and grow the whole church community to care for God’s Creation.

In 2019 we were awarded the A Rocha Eco Church Bronze Award, a scheme to help churches reduce their environmental impact.

We meet every 6 weeks in prayer and discussion about ecological living. Using the Eco Church award questionnaire as a template we are developing strategies to reduce the environmental impact of our church and its community.


So far, we have:

  • Twinned the toilet at St John’s with a latrine at Kabale District, Uganda, through funding from the Toddlers group.

  • Researched and developed changes with the St John’s garden team to promote wildflower and hedgerow growth, bee friendly planting and identification of species on the land of St John’s.

  • Bright Sparks Children built a bug hotel in the church grounds

  • Promoted ecological living through the notice sheet and magazine

  • Switched to less plastic use in goods purchased and recycled materials (eg paper) where possible

We would love to do LOTS MORE! If you have an interest in wanting to do more to live more ecologically sound, or just want to learn more??

Please contact Claire Golightly on Clairelg80@gmail.com

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St John's and St Luke's respects the privacy of private individuals and looks after any personal data that you share with us properly. Please click here to view St John's and St Luke's full Data Privacy Notice.

If you would like to be included in our email distribution list and/or our Who's Who parish directory please download this consent form and return to the parish office. Alternatively contact the parish office for a copy to be sent out to you.