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Young People's Worker Appeal

In 2019, through the amazing generosity of the people of St John’s and St Luke’s, funding was found to make the decision to employ a young people’s worker to take our youth and children’s work to a new level, and in April 2020 Emma James began work. And as you will be able to see from the Impact Statement, much has been achieved and lives changed. We want to see this invaluable work continue, but in order to do so we need to find fresh funding.

A small task group has been working behind the scenes to identity and apply to various charitable trusts for grants, but it has always been our expectation that much of the funding for the post will once again need to come from the people of St John’s and St Luke’s, and we hope that given the impact Emma has made, and given that youth work is relational and needs time to be really fruitful, you will choose to offer your financial support.

We do not make this request lightly, given the difficult economic circumstances we find ourselves in, but we do think our investing in this post will make a big difference in many lives, and will help grow the Kingdom of God in this place, so please would you prayerfully consider how you can respond.

This appeal will run throughout March and as well as the impact statement, the ways to give leaflet is available. All proceeds from the ceilidh on 11th March and April’s coffee morning are going towards this appeal as well, so please support those if you are able to.


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