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Smelly Yellow Welly Club Celebration


Great memories and great times

It was 30 years ago this Easter that St John’s held the first Smelly Yellow Welly Club and it continued every year until 2019. Over the years probably more than a thousand children and young people grew up attending each year and enjoyed three days of games, bible stories, friendship, laughter and learning more about God. Many progressed through attending as young children to becoming teenage gophers, team leaders and then for some, adult helpers with their own children joining and enjoying the fun.

When covid closed everything down in the Spring of 2020 Welly club planning was well underway but we quickly realised it would not be possible to go ahead. Over the last 2 years of lockdowns and restrictions it was too big an event to hold safely. For several years leading up to the pandemic it became increasingly difficult to recruit enough helpers to run the event. Lots has changed for many people since covid and although we had great hopes for restarting this year it sadly became apparent that it would not be viable.

It is extremely sad that Welly Club has come to an end, but many people will have very fond memories of their time participating and attending. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the hundreds of adult helpers and young people who supported Welly club over so many years. We couldn’t have done without you. I’m sure other exciting projects will come along for our children and young people and we as a team wish them well.

There was a feeling Welly club should be celebrated and with this in mind a special Sunday morning service is to be held on 23rd April with coffee and cake afterwards. So many people have been involved over the years so it would be lovely to get together once again to thank everyone for their contribution and to remember all the good times.

Yours in wellies

Helen, Niki, Carol and Sam


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