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Reading for Life Group

Now we are in another lockdown, I thought it would be a good idea to start a reading group – where members all read a chapter of a book prior to each meeting and then discuss via zoom

I’m proposing a meeting for all those interested via Zoom on Sunday 17th Jan at 7.30pm, where we will discuss practicalities

Meeting ID: 842 4249 8991

Passcode: 007505

The book we will be looking at is ‘God has a name’ by John Mark Comer – here is a link to an introductory video

The book is available from Eden Christian books and from Amazon. It is also available on Kindle for just £1.99

Here is some info about the book:

  • Looking for a new voice exploring timeless truths?

  • John Mark Comer offers a revolutionary new way to understand the God of the Bible

  • God Has a Name gives you a new lens with which to read God's word

Yes, this is a book about God - who he is, who he's not, and the staggering implications of who we are as a result. But no, this is not just "another" book about God.

God Has a Name is shaped around one incredibly important paragraph in Exodus. In the well-known story of Moses interacting with God on Mount Sinai, Moses asks to see God's glory. But what God does - and says - is surprising and relevant for anyone who wants to understand God today.

Comer's fresh voice, creative and contemporary examples, powerful language, and deep respect for the scriptures open up the Bible and the story of God to reveal not only his character but how he interacts with us. And in the end, we will know how to "carry that name" ourselves and represent God in how we live.

For everyone who is trying to understand this God the Bible talks about, the church teaches about, and preachers preach about, this is the place to begin. Ground zero - where God himself tells us who he really is.


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