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40 Faces, 40 places - Our parish Prayer Journal through Lent

Peter Fenton

My name is Peter. I was baptised on my 50th birthday. So I'm a relative newcomer to Christianity. I now go to St Lukes almost every week. In 2008 I had to stop cycling because my knees hurt.

My statement goes as follows: I see God every time. Every single time. It still amazes me. I'm blessed with severe chronic pain. My knees hurt every minute I'm awake. It is persistent. Like a secret guilt. And to me normal.

However it is only when it flares up into something much more painful and primal that God does His stuff. The pain at that level destroys me. It makes movement and thinking the most incomprehensible puzzle you have ever dreamed of.

God rescues me. Every single time. A butterfly landing on my hand. A kiss from the love of my life. A conversation from a friend. The simplest is a hug. A hug from God. Indescribably good. Instant recovery from THE highest level takes a lot to beat.

God works every day through everybody whether they know it or not. A smile and hello to that lad by the lamppost sets him up for another day of ignoring the grind to help his mum. A thank you to a delivery person makes their day. Helping that disabled lass reach shopping she cannot, resurrects her belief in humanity. They all sound improbable. Only to you. The lad, delivery person and disabled lass have no doubts. Tiny miracles each and every one.

I'm no authority about God. Only encountered Him in my late 40s. God talks not through words but by deeds. We should strive to do the same in anyway we can. Be it obvious and huge or barely noticed. God can use all of our deeds to speak volumes. Even if we, ourselves, cannot hear them.

All we have to do is say yes a bit more often to those seemingly trivial requests our hearts feel but our brain dismisses.


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