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Parish Giving Scheme - how you can help in Generosity Week and beyond

The PGS helps regular givers donate safely to their church by direct debit either monthly, quarterly or annually. You can make regular donations by completing a PGS Gift Form (available from Gill in the office or pick up a leaflet in church) and posting it directly to the PGS team in Gloucester. In April 2020 the PGS launched a new dedicated telephone service which allows donors to set up your own direct debits quickly and easily by telephone instead of completing the Gift Form (0333 002 1260). A new Digital Service allowing donors to sign up to give regularly by direct debit via the PGS website was successfully launched nationally on 1st March 2021.

The PGS team set up direct debits to come out of donor accounts on the 1st day of the month and also automatically claim eligible Gift Aid before transferring donations to the church's bank account on the 10th of every month. The Gift Aid amount is then transferred later the same month once released by HMRC. This not only reduces the administration burden on church workers and volunteers but also helps parishes resolve their cash flow problems.

Benefits to you as an individual:

· Being in total control of how much you give.

· A simple giving method that means regular financial support to our church.

· The option to increase giving annually to protect your gift against inflation.

· The Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme protects the gifts.

· You can give anonymously if so desired.

Benefits to the church, administrator and treasurer:

· Stable and often increased planned giving - offsetting ‘static’ giving.

· Efficiently reclaiming Gift Aid.

· Protection against inflation by church members choosing to increase their gift annually by inflation rate.

· Improved cash flow as donations and Gift Aid are transferred into the church bank account by the PGS at the same time every month

· Reduced administration and paperwork.

· Saves time for them and people who count the money.

To find out more visit Our parish code is 460646071


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