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Glow Party at Mowbray Church

Youth Glow Party - Sweets needed!

On Saturday 30th October, we are having a Glow Party for our young people. This will involve loads of crazy games, food, and also some worship. To help with the party, we are asking for donations of sweets please. Any type of sweets is fine: we just need lots and lots! There is a big white bucket in each church imaginatively labelled 'Sweets' so please pop them in there before Sunday 24th October. Thank you so much!

'Trunk or Treat'

As part of the Glow party, we are hoping to get a few people who would be willing to come along to the party on Saturday 30th October with a decorated car boot, or 'trunk' if you are speaking American. The basic idea is that you decorate your car boot and also have lots of sweets in it and the young people come along and admire your handiwork and eat sweets!! If you google, 'Trunk or Treat', there are lots of examples! Thank you!