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Children's groups are restarting - have you registered your child?

Dear Parents

It's the start of a new school year and so time to ask you to fill in registration forms again please. The form is available here. Please fill in this form if:

  1. You would like your child to attend one of the groups starting on September 20th

  • Bright Sparks (two groups: Reception to Y2; and Y3 to Y6)

  • Cafe Logos (Y6-Y13)

  • Ignite (Y7-Y13)

  • '4 twelve' (Y7-Y13) (new group)

  1. Your child would like to simply connect with other young people from SJSL online (for example on Instagram, whatsapp etc) and not attend any groups.

  2. To give permission for your child to attend one-off sessions (for example a BBQ) that will occur.

  3. To inform me of your child's birthday so we can celebrate it!

Some points to note please:

  • Even if you filled in a RISE registration form or an Online Comms form from me earlier this year, please can you fill this form in. It just means we have the latest up to date information for everyone as we resume face to face children's work. Thank you

  • Ideally, please fill this form in electronically and email it back to the church office (printing your name in the signature box is fine!). Alternatively, the form can be printed and a paper copy given to me or your group leader when your child attends on their first session.

  • This is not a 'booking form'. Please remember to book your child in to either Bright Sparks or Cafe Logos sessions on Event Bright or email the church office.This needs to be done at the latest by the Friday before each Sunday session please.

  • Young People attending Ignite or 4 twelve do not need to book in.

  • Also available here is an online Code of Conduct which we would like you to read through with your child (Y6 and above only) and sign to say it has been read. (This is to ensure we fulfill our church E-safety policy)

Thanks Emma x